Comment Policy

Currently, comments must be approved by me before showing up.  I’m new at this, so if I get a deluge of comments for any reason, it will likely be a while before they can all get approved.  If it’s a problem, I’ll go to approving repeat visitors. I’d just rather start out with the slower approach that will force me to read and respond to all comments if only to approve them for public view.

Basically I am looking for thoughtful and civil discourse.  I don’t want to see strong language used to demean others.  If it’s used to express strong emotion about your ideas, that’s okay.  But any use of profanity to demean others will cause for a comment to be deleted rather than posted.

I also reserve the right to ban anyone that I find too annoying to tolerate reading their posts.  I’m not sure yet what I will find too annoying to tolerate reading, so I’ll give warnings before banning someone and explain what is annoying me and why.