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Response to Lawsuit

I received an official copy of the response to my lawsuit against the Sedgwich County Election Commissioner.  They are saying no, of course.  I’ll post of copy of their response later.

They basically don’t want to bother – it’s too inconvenient to even let me sit in their office and do the work.  It’s not necessary because provided other summaries of results that I can use.  They are wrong about that.  Those summaries do not provide the information I am after.They also claim my credentials are irrelevant, a proposal I am happy to agree with.

Edit to add:

Here is a scan of the response to my law suits.  All margin notes are mine.


Response_to_lawsuit_1 Response_to_lawsuit_2 Response_to_lawsuit_3 Response_to_lawsuit_4 Response_to_lawsuit_5 Response_to_lawsuit_6 Response_to_lawsuit_7 Response_to_lawsuit_8